About The Opportunity

Why is Jewelz different?
People represent our brand because they love our style!

Our partners often say “This business is different!” Yes, they’re right! It’s more than jewelry, it’s the personal development, growth and our mission to Pass the MIC: Motivate, Inspire and Change Lives.

We also offer the highest paid commission on sales in the industry up to 50%! There is no expense of stocking and storing inventory and to top that 70% of our items are $50 and under.

Sit back and let us deliver direct to your customers in our beautiful packaging.

Say YES and join us today!

How Much Can I Earn?
We offer the highest paid commission on sales in the industry at 50%! Once you build a team and become a leader for the new Consultants you sponsor, you will earn a percentage of their commission as well.

How do I become a consultant?
It’s easy! Complete your Jewelz Consultant Application and sooner than you know, you’ll be open for business!

Can I sell online?
Yes. Jewelz Parties are the lifeline of this business and the best way to maximize your earning potential. Each Party can lead to future bookings which increase your business success. Selling online is a great way to add additional sales to existing jewelz Parties. Sell on the go and promote your business.

What Makes Jewelz a great Company?
We have created a movement of go-getters who refuse to settle for less! We encourage our partners to be bold, fear-less and confident. We know that through God’s strength, we will continue to Pass the MIC; Motivate, Inspire, and Change Lives.

How Do I get Paid?
Each consultant can earn an immediate 50% profit by retailing their Jewelz accessories. All other commissions and bonuses are paid the 20th of each month for the previous commission period. All activity is calculated on a calendar month basis using EST time zone.

How much is the investment to get started?
You can start your business with as little as $99!

What kind of support does Jewelz offer?
We are here to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on selling! You set the goals, we help you reach them. You’ll receive one on one coaching from your sponsor and you will develop relationships with other Jewelz partners from local partner socials. Our corporate team provides weekly training calls and our online University is available 24/7. We have our national annual convention, retreats, conferences and special events to give you in-depth training with our top field experts. We also have a collaborative, warm and supportive online community to help your business succeed.